Apps for Gluten-Free Living

Jun 15, 2010

I’m “celiac,” meaning I have to live gluten-free. But I’m a foodie, a mad scientist in the kitchen, and really enjoy cooking. What to do?? Here are apps I use to help me enjoy food while staying GF.

iEatOut Gluten Free & Allergy Free

You can enter your particular food allergy (gluten in my case) and this app will tell you — by cuisine! — which things are safe, which may be a problem, and which should be avoided completely. Excellent guide for anyone with food sensitivities.



I have learned to like sushi, but some of the rolls & pieces contain ingredients I can’t eat. Along with learning about sushi, the topic, I learn about sushi in terms of what I can eat and what I must avoid. Great app.


Gluten Free LifeStyle

Excellent, not only for ingredients of brand-name products, but also for it’s store-by-store analysis of the “house brands” found in that store. A Must-Have app for those who, like me, must avoid gluten in our food. Get it!


Is That Gluten Free?

Hands-down, the best app on the market for staying gluten-free. It’s a veritable World Book Encyclopedia of products I can safely eat, as well as those I must avoid. A bit pricey, but once you have it [if you need to stay GF or have a child who does], you’ll recognize its worth. Paying for the app *far* outweighs the risks of getting sick! This app is on my Great App short list.


Gluten Free Restaurant Cards from (Coeliac/Celiac Disease)

Simple concept: You travel someplace where they speak another language, but you’re celiac and MUST tell the waiter you need to eat gluten-free. What to do? Whip out the GF Restaurant Cards app. Pick the language. Show the waiter the message displayed on the screen… in his/her own language, it will tell them you must eat gluten-free, and briefly explains what that means. Must-have app for those who need to eat GF and love to travel.

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The Betty Crocker Cookbook – Kitchen-Tested Recipes

What to make for dinner? Let Betty help. New healthy recipes and gluten-free entries make this a winner for me. Another must-have for foodies and the health-conscious.


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