Apps for Girlfriends

Jul 1, 2011

Keep in touch, make plans, save money, get social. These are the most common apps I use to make and keep plans with my girlfriends.


THE BEST way to keep up with a group of friends. My girlfriends and I use this app to make plans, chit chat throughout the day, and keep up with each other. I LOVE this app for connecting friends who want to chat in a group setting, but have it right there on your phone.



ESPECIALLY now that you can follow your friends (get the update!), this app rocks for making plans. You can see what your friends are into, make decisions based on everyone’s best recommendations, and learn of new places.


Groupon – Deals, Coupons & Shopping: Discounts on Local Restaurants, Events, Hotels, Yoga & Spas

Ok, so Groupon is nothing new, but they just launched “Groupon NOW!” which basically tells you about deals that are in real-time, in your area. Can’t decide where to grab lunch? Use this app to find a deal and try someplace new.


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