Apps for Getting Around (and Getting Parking!) in San Francisco

May 25, 2010

Heading to SF soon… Even though I’ve spent a fair amount of time there, I still have trouble getting around. If you have the same prob, hope this list helps!

SF Railway Maps for iPhone and iPod Touch

I dig this app over the other public trans apps because it has it all… BART, MUNI, Caltrain, and cable cars. Includes schedules (no internet required) and you can check out stops on a Google map. Plus the icon is better looking than the others (says me).


iCaltrain: Caltrain 2011

This is a backup to SF Railway. Once you miss a Caltrain on a dark, cold night when another isn’t coming for nearly an hour, you’ll recognize the value of double-checking.


parkSmartSF Lite

SF gives out parking tickets like Cuervo girls give out shots. This app will help you avoid them. Gives you info on a street based on either address or GPS, plus has a timer that counts down the time until you need to move your car. No more figuring parking tickets into your Bay Area budget! Note: they say they’re coming out with a non-Lite version. I’ll be curious to see…


San Francisco Parking

Another parking app, this one focuses on helping you find the lowest priced parking garages. Plus has a meter timer and directions back to your car.


San Francisco Bike Maps

I bought this app (.99) because the wall-sized bike map helped me avoid major hills while getting from the Mission to Golden Gate Park on a vintage Schwinn (thank you Wiggle!)… Unfortunately, this app doesn’t have the topography, so you don’t know how steep a hill is until you get there. On the positive side, it shows traffic on different routes with bike paths and shows nearby bike shops. Handy when chains break and tires go flat.

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