Apps for Fun.

Feb 21, 2010

Fun apps I use on my iPhone.

Doodle Jump

This is a really fun game for any age. The developer, Lima Sky, used the iPhone interface and features very well.


Flight Control

This is a neat game. Great use of the touch screen. I always come back to this one. Put on your thinking cap.


Blackjack 21

Great black jack game. Nice use of touch screen. Good sound effects. Awesome user interface, but c’mon and give us an update with something already.


Koi Pond

Not a game. It’s make your iPhone a small pond of fish. Very nice. Lots of fun discoveries.



Great game! Lots of strategy and fun. This is a Tower Defense game.


Star Wars: Trench Run

I always wanted to fly an X-Wing, shoot down Imperial Tie-Fighters, and blow up the Death Star. This is as close as I may ever get.



I remember playing that little Mattel Football game for hours as a kid. It was just little lights on the screen. This football game is amazing, but like mine from childhood it fits in your hand like a football game should. I’m not a TV gamer. This is fun.


Brothers In Arms® Hour of Heroes

Sometimes you need to release some stress and shoot Nazis.


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