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May 26, 2010

It may seem repetitive but frankly finding apps can be hard. Not because there isn’t an app you’re looking for, likely there is, but because there are simply so many apps out there it’s easy to be overwhelmed. Most of the time I don’t catch myself thinking “why isn’t there an app for that?” but “why didn’t I realize there was an app for that?” and therein lies the problem. There are simply so many apps out there that it’s easy to overlook something that might help make your life a bit better.

These apps won’t always find you that perfect app but they will often help you find apps you didn’t know existed and might find useful. And sometimes if you’re really lucky you’ll find something you didn’t know you needed but just can’t live without now that you have it!


How could I leave this out on the very site I’m writing the list? A great resource to find new applications and get reviews from users like you. Find friends, network and then pick their brains (mmm… brains) for great apps you’ve never thought of. Brian Eno has a cool app. Did you know that? I do now thanks to my friends at Appolicious!


AppShaker Lite

Finding apps and shaking my phone… what’s wrong with that? Love the idea but the free version isn’t great. You’ll get quite a bit of junk in the only category this free version has but you’ll still find there’s apps out there you’d never considered. There’s cigar apps. I don’t think I will be using one any time soon but yes, there is an app for that!


App Popular (New Daily App Deal & More)

The real boon to this site is to find the apps that are popular in odd places you don’t live. Want to know what the Aussies are up to app wise? This app will tell you. While many apps seem to be popular all over the world there’s enough cultural difference to find some new great apps with this application. And then you can say that you’re well cultured in your application choices.


fluke – random app finder

Yup, you get to shake this app too (and I love that… no I don’t know why!). The app saves your history so if you accidentally get carried away shaking you can find the app you missed without issue. A little pokey but maybe that’s just my internet? You can choose catagories so you’re not getting apps you’ll never use.

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Random App Finder

Like fluke you shake, it gives you a random app. Without the referrals of others you’re not going to know as much about an app as you will with Appolicious, but it’s still fun to shake and be blown away by the cool, crazy, interesting or dumb apps that are out there!


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