Apps for Entertaining Boyfriends

Aug 11, 2010

No, no, not those kinds of apps. Let me explain.

My boyfriend does not have a smart phone. Just this weekend we went camping and thanks to rain and a case of bad food for me we were sitting in the camper van a bit bored. Well, he was bored and I was virtually sleeping.

These are the apps he used to stay entertained. Some work better than others depending on your access to a network but one way or the other these apps should keep most people busy.

Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: LeChuck’s Revenge

When my boyfriend asked what game was my favorite as he grabbed the phone I knew I would say this game. It’s not the game I play all the time as I just don’t have the time but I knew he would love it. A sleuthing type game that leads you through discovering your way off an island is perfect for times when you need to be really entertained and engaged. One of these days I’ll have the time for that. (except now I can’t touch it as he doesn’t want me to finish his game!)



Like anyone Facebook is a great time sucker for those times when you need something to do. Network with friends, join new groups, read links friends posted. You’re good with Facebook if you need something to do.


Pandora – Free Music & Radio

Hurting for music? Pandora has you covered in every way. Build lists from songs and artists you love and forward through stuff you don’t like (at least a few times). Great when you didn’t bring your entire CD collection or a filled iPod.


Wings Earth: Flight Simulator Experience

Boys love machines. Flying ones particularly (well, most boys). This game will keep them entertained by flying through various landscapes and different stress levels. Should be good for at least 20 minutes of boy entertainment.


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