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Dec 26, 2010

I am a school psychologist in a rural area. Such a position requires keeping track of timelines, attending meetings, documenting observations and meetings and the ability to be in communication with others from a distance. Additionally, there is that occasional report that must be written on a student or some event. While not all educational professionals do all of this, there are many apps that can make life easier for both itinerants and administrators.


Word processing is a fact of life. So is compatibility with desktop word processing software. Pages is the best at meeting this need. It handles graphics, tables and other funky Word formats better than most.


Manage: Handwriting To-Do and Task List Manager – finger, stylus and typed

Life as a professional is about lists. And this app does it best. Alarms, typed lists, handwritten lists, highlighters in multiple color and more. I seldom forget to do things with this app.



If you go multiple places, use muliple machines and/or share documents with multiple people, then this is a must have. View it as a flashdrive in the cloud. Where ever you have an internet connection, you have your stuff.



You can type, draw/write and record meetings, conversations and events. It also links audio with things typed or drawn. While other apps do mostly the same thing, this does it best


AlwaysOnPC – Firefox with Flash Player and Office on a Virtual PC for iPhone

It does Flash, Java, Adobe Reader and many other things not available on the iPad. And, according to the developers, one will be able to do educational javascript and java games very soon.


FileMaker Go 11 for iPad

Filemaker Pro can create apps and databases to help mobile professionals manage information better. Filemaker go allows these apps to run on the iPad. A match made in heaven.

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Informant – Calendar, Tasks and Notes with Google & Evernote sync

Of the calendars I have, thus far this is the easiest to use. It also allows my to tag appointments so i can look at only specific types. It has a feature rich way to do tasks, but I use manage for this.


Dragon Dictation

An app that I can talk into and have it type what I say. Comes in handy when I have no time to type. And best of all, it is free.


RDM+ HD: Remote Desktop for Mac and Windows

Access your desktop or laptop from anywhere. While I seldom use this, it comes in handy when I forget to put a document in DropBox or have a specialty app that is on my laptop.


iA Writer

I have yet to find the perfect note taker. That said, I find myself using this often when I don’t need to record or don’t want to write by hand. It has a full keyboard, is very easy to use and syncs notes with DropBox.


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