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Nov 11, 2010

I’ll be heading to Washington DC at the end of November for the National Rural Housing Conference. Here’s the apps I plan on using to get around, find places to eat, and explore DC.

Alaska Airlines

I’m flying Alaska so having this app is obvious, especially since I’ll have a stopover (sigh) on my flight home. Let’s hope this app tells me no bad news!



My go to app for finding whatever is around me. While this app isn’t necessarily as good as Yelp as there’s no ratings, it’s extremely useful when you need to eat, find coffee or find a drug store NOW.


DC Going Out Guide

Not sure that this is the best app, but with only a few days and nights in DC I don’t need THE best app. I need a basic app that will help me find what I’m looking for, maybe with fewer options. We’ll see how this one does.



Because whatever is recommended to you by other apps you’re going to want to check that indeed, that restaurant is edible.


Embark DC Metro

Don’t know that I’ll be riding DC metro but I might be. If so this app should help. Rated well and free unlike many others this app is a great app for the casual DC traveler.


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