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Oct 13, 2010

Being newly single I figured I’d try out some dating apps. Maybe there’d be something interesting out there. Sadly like so much dating there’s more bad than good. Here’s the review of the apps I’ve tried so far… (as always, if you have something you love PLEASE tell me!)

OkCupid Dating

So far the very best that I’ve found. Granted, it’s a return for me but still. Ages ago I’d been on this site and turns out my profile is still set up.

The app itself is really quite good. Not only does it allow you to surf other profiles, answer questions for matching improvement, answer emails, text others, see matches, reject matches (yup, it’s really called reject!) and even see who has been surfing your profile.

Who’s to say if you’ll find your match with this site but if you’re there already or looking for online dating tools this is well worth a go and the app will definitely not disappoint.


Speed Flirt – Dating Local Singles

Listen, I get it. Running a dating website can’t be cheap. There’s all that matching of people, the databases, you name it. But don’t pretend that something’s free if it isn’t really.

The site let’s you register for free, but like so many others if you want to read an email you have to pay. It’s said you’re paying to “verify” your account but they’re going to charge you each month until you cancel (which sounds like something other than account validation to me).

I’m not sure if the app is great for meeting people as I’m not willing to pay. I will say that the sheer number of people pouncing on your profile to chat when you log on is overwhelming. The idea is to speed date but still, it’s a bit much to deal with.

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If you’re interested in meeting a lot of people (the point of speed dating) and OK with paying, give this app a go. If you’re interested in knowing a bit more about a person you may want to try OK Cupid or something with a bit more substance.


Dating DNA Free – #1 Date App for iPhone and Facebook

OK, so I know it’s not just me but asking me for my specific weight is just rude. Why? Because far too many men think that women should weigh less than 125lbs or they’re cows. This is stupid but sadly true (as a note to you guys out there reading this thinking it’s true, my lean body weight is 125lbs, I’d have to lose an organ or two to be less than that and extremely unhealthy to get to that).

OK, off my asking my weight high horse. After all that what does the app give me? Nothing. Not one match. Hmm… maybe I’m too picky? Let’s see, they have to have a photo (that’s picky!), they have to have been on the site in the last month (PICKY!), they have to be within 250 miles of me (umm, picky?) they have to be at least a 1% match with me (so basically a guy) and they have to be in a 18 year age range of me (man, I am picky). OK but really, this app returns nothing, is a pain to sign up for and asks too many weird questions.

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Either the site has no one on it or it’s just a miserable fail but if you’re not wanting to put out profiles everywhere go someplace else for your dating needs.


MeetMe – Chat and Meet New People

Apparently there are 20 million people on this site. 20 million people who can’t spell write or make a complete sentence. Sure, I’m guessing somewhere, in some dark nook of this site there’s signs of intelligent life, but boy, you’re going to have to get past a whole lot of dumb to get there.

I have to admit, I didn’t spend too much time here. Not nearly enough for me to give you a fair assessment of the app itself. But like all other social and/or dating sites it’s often not the app that’s in question, but the quality of people found on the network. That is where this app becomes a massive #fail.

Just looking at the front screen we have the word “siked” and “repeatingly”, just to list a few.

Perhaps this is the dating site for 12 year olds? If you’re very young, very dumb or just don’t mind people who can’t spell or write on even a basic level this is certainly the place for you!


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