Apps for Cycling Fans

May 24, 2010

I admit that usually I’m not into sports at all. Ever. That said I’ve really enjoyed watching the Giro d’Italia lately and am looking forward to the Tour de France. If you’re into cycling these are the apps for you.

Universal Sports

This app will tell you when the Giro is playing on television. That is, it would if Universal Sports could manage it’s programming well enough to actually follow it’s schedule. One way or the other the app will tell you when the Giro “should” be on.


Giri 2010 Tour

All Giro, all the time. Just found this app (halfway through the tour!) and love that you can get all the updates in one place. Now I don’t have to watch some other sports channel for updates and hear about hockey or something else I don’t care about.


Pro Cycling Live (iCycling)

Want more than the Giro? Of course you do… the Tour of California is going on too. Keep up on all the cycling news with this app.


Cycling 2010

But where’s my twitter feed? You want to keep up with the tweet stream of all your fav bike racers? This is the app to do it. All the cycling news and all the stream on twitter all in one place. Not bad for a buck.


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