Apps for control freakz that also use Gmail/Google calendar

Jun 11, 2010

First of all, sorry for my bad English; i’m not a native speaker… I’ll try my best to tell you a story about my favourite apps for the working controlfreak that uses Gmail/Google calendar.

I feel somewhat guilty for giving the control freaks some tips for taking it to the iPhone.

To make it up to them, I will be doing a review on relaxation apps and games too 😎

GeeTasks, the Google Tasks app

Though not as stilish as some of the other to-do lists (GeeTasks is very plain), this one has a great advantage if you work with Gmail and Google Tasks. I’ve set up the four Eisenhouwer quadrants and order all my to-do’s in those quadrants. GeeTasks syncs smoothly with Google Tasks; so if you get an e-mail in your Google mailbox that contains something you have to-do, you select the mail in Google’s webmail and choose: ‘add to Tasks’. This puts the mail on the to-list with a link to the original mail. GeeTasks syncs with Gmail and the e-mail appears GeeTasks too.



A great calendar (much better then the standard iPhone calendar) and it syncs smoothly with Google Calendar.


HT Professional Recorder

This is an amazing application if you want to record meetings. I’ve tried a lot of those apps but this one rocks! All my previous apps could record a meeting bun when i (re)listened to the recordings (to put it on paper) I always had to use a tiny slider for positioning. This app has:
– buttons for 5 sec rewind of forwind (ajustable); great for relistening if the recording goes too fast
– an option for playing the recording in a faster or slower mode
This, and the fact that the sound quality is great, the interface attractive etc. etc. makes it a great app.


Focus Time – Activity Tracker & Pomodoro Timer

I have to force myself to take breaks. When I’m working I go on until my eyes get sore.
If you like the pomodoro technique for a way to help you take breaks, this is a nice app.

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Project Planner – Project, Task & Resource Management on Gantt chart

A nice little project planner which can produce a Gantt chart! To be honest, it is a little work to fill a project (as it always is in planningtools, but gets worse on a iPhone), but once it is in your iPhone, you always have it with you, how’s that for a control freak!


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