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Jun 3, 2011

My friend Chris just got his first iPhone. Like all other friends I attempted to give him apps that would appeal to someone who travels a lot, rides motorcycles and bikes, needs to manage social media, blogging and the like while on the road and a few other things Chris likes to do. Here’s the list I created for him.


Chris and I work together on BEARTREK, a wonderful movie in the works that combines beautiful shots with motorcycles and bears… what’s not to love? Well what’s not to love is when you try to share a 90 second trailer and it crashes or buffers again and again. Using Dropbox and save offline I can have that on my phone to show to anyone anywhere with any connection including no connection and without any lag at all. Now Chris can too.


Postagram: Print & Send Photo Postcards

With beautiful shots of beautiful places and a movie that is still in the fundraising stages why not create postcards to send out to people who have helped make things possible? We all love it when we get good mail in our mailbox since it’s so rare these days. And really, the idea that you can turn a photo into a real postcard for only a buck is pretty awesome.


Fotopedia Heritage

A great app with a wonderful look at how to do photos in an inspiring, educational and beautiful way. An app to wet the appetite for future thoughts on photos, apps and the like.



Chris was on twitter with BEARTREK before he was on Facebook. He regularly posts there and having this on his phone will make it even easier. Who doesn’t want a quick status update after a great day in the field? Now we can all get it from @morganwildlife while he’s on the go.

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MapQuest: Free Navigation, GPS, Maps & Traffic

So far this is my favorite app for travel. Why? Because sometimes I want to see a hotel that’s close to a grocery and a restaurant and few other apps let me look up all of those at once. I used this in SF to find a restaurant near a drug store so I could get some cough medicine (who wants to walk out of your way when you’re sick if you don’t have to). While often Chris knows where he’s staying having something like this to help out in a pinch is a great tool to have in your pocket.


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