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May 14, 2011

The iPad is surprisingly useful for business. Taking notes, brain storming, presenting, and more. These are the apps that I use. You will find them useful I promise.

iThoughtsHD (mindmapping)

Mind Mapping is a quick way to jott down ideas.


Note Taker HD

Amazingly full feature app. Innovative hand writing input method. PDF handling.


Things for iPad

GTD on the go.


SketchBook Pro for iPad

The drawing tools in this app is powerful and easy enough for me to make quick screen sketches for design work. Use a stylus with it –makes for much better sketching.



Instapaper is a web clipping service with a social twist. In the simplest form, install their browser plug-in. When you get a link from a friend, just “save it for later”. Then you can read that page, in a iPad friendly (or iPhone friendly) format.

FlipBoard works with Instapaper too. So if you see something you want to save for reading later, you can directly send a page from FlipBoard to Instapaper.


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