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Jan 29, 2018

Most people live with our phones in our hands 24/7, checking Instagram and following the blue dot on Google maps, but they are able to do so much more than we give them credit for, especially for the beauty conscious out there. Your phone is your best friend when it comes to everything from picking the perfect lipstick to booking your next hair appointment.

Below are five of the top apps that every beauty junkie need to have on their phone:

Mirror (iOS)

No make-up bag is complete without a mirror, but even the most fashion conscious out there will have those moments when they desperately need a mirror only to find they left it at home or couldn’t quite fit it in their purse. What if you could have a high-quality mirror with a myriad of features all within your phone? With Mirror, you can. Mirror offers zoom features and a night mode, making it even better than a normal mirror. You can also take selfies using the app and easily share them with friends.

Makeup Genius (iOS, Android)

Standing at make-up counters and trying five different shades of foundation on your arm in an attempt to find the best match is just part of the process when it comes to buying make-up, but this all changes with L’Oreal’s new app. Using the camera on your phone the app allows you to virtually try on a range of different make-up and even complete looks as seen on the red carpet. Once you’ve found your new look all that is left is to order your new make-up or pop to your local chemist.

Makeup Genius App by L’Oréal Paris

Introducing Makeup Genius, the first ever virtual makeup tester. Try before you buy: apply our products onto your own reflection in real-time and experiment with different looks. It’s genius! Download for free: iOS / Android

NailSnaps (iOS)

NailSnaps is a unique app allowing users to easily turn any photo into their very own personalised nail stickers. This is the perfect app for those who love to customise their nails for every different occasion but without the price tag that comes with a professional manicure. The app makes it extremely easy to create your own nail stickers, first upload your image and then using the hand pose stencil move your image until you’re happy with the outcome.

NailSnaps – How It Works!

Turn your photos into custom nail art with the NailSnaps app! Here’s how to do it…

Think Dirty – Shop Clean (iOS, Android)

When using beauty products, we are putting a lot of trust into the companies who make them, trusting that they will actually improve our skin and do what they claim on the tub. Think Dirty allows you to scan the barcodes of your beauty products, ranging from eye cream to lipstick and check exactly what is inside. The app rates your products on the ‘Dirty Meter’ scale so that you can easily see whether that expensive moisturizer is really good for your skin.

Beyou (iOS)

Beyou brings make-up artists and hair stylists right to your very door. You can easily search for stylists and then book an appointment all from your phone. With Beyou it has never been easier to search for stylists and all without even leaving the house. Beyou gives you control of how much you spend, allowing you to search based on price brackets so that you don’t have to deal with the awkward pressure of walking into a salon and asking the price and then walking out embarrassed when you hear the price.

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