Apps for Basketball Fanatics

Apr 17, 2012

For those who watch and play hoops. Plus, a decent iOS video game option.

NBA 2015-16

The official app for following NBA games. It’s a decent option, and a must for anyone with NBA League Pass.


iScore Basketball Scorekeeper

THE BEST scorekeeping app for basketball players and coaches. You can keep stats for single games and full seasons for an unlimited number of teams.



This iPad exclusive is cool for dreaming up plays for your next pick-up basketball game.



In my opinion, NBA Jam is the BEST basketball game available for iPhone. It’s hard for me to immerse myself or invest time in other basketball simulation games, yet the matches in NBA Jam are quick and exciting.


The Bulletin

I am a Bulls fan. Updated daily, this free app published by the Tribune Company, is a solid magazine for anyone who wants to read articles, view photos, and more!


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