Apps addressing Obama’s Job plan

Feb 16, 2010

Dealing with unemployment and other aspects of President Obama’s Job Plan

Yahoo Finance – Real time stocks, market quotes, business and financial news, portfolio and alerts

Stay on top of the job market, taxes and the economy to see how it affects you.


Green Energy Now

Stay updated to the green initiatives out there, helping you save money and the environment.


Quicken Online Mobile

Save money and manage your business with this mobile app.


HP 12C Financial Calculator

A true calculator for businesspeople, helping you to figure taxes and other financial necessities for your home and business.


Contractor, Freelancer, Small Business Tax Calculator

For small business owners, freelancers and accountants, calculate rates, taxes and everything in between.


Insight – Basecamp on iPhone

Access Basecamp from your phone, making you a more efficient worker (for yourself or your boss).


Weather Machine

Obama’s plan calls for construction incentives. The Weather Machine app can help you manage development projects, as weather is a major factor for construction contracts.



CareerBuilder’s app for helping you look for a job, now matter where you are.


Now Hiring – The Latest Jobs

Deep search and filters for finding the job for you.


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