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Jul 20, 2010

Growing list of applications I’m finding useful for camping, hiking, and other outdoor adventures. I’d expect the traditional/purist would kabash technology use in the outdoors (I used to be one of them), but it is 2010. And if technology can make getting outdoors easier, more fun, or educational… I say, use it!

Classic Camping Cookbook & Meal Planner

Broken down by Method (including no-bakes!), Meal, or Ingredients. I’m a fan of eating real food, even in the backcountry. Built in meal planner, tips, favorites, and growing number of top rated suggestions. I’m excited to try the S’more Burritos!


What Knot To Do

Trucker’s hitch and bowlines are not just for truckers, sailors, or Boyscouts. They are useful to tightening tent lines, attaching gear, and tying up tarps. But as someone who doesn’t use them very often, it’s easy to forget exactly how to tie them. Thank you Columbia for making this cheat sheet!


GoSkyWatch Planetarium – Astronomy Guide to the Night Sky

Amazing little app that helps you identify and locate stars, planets, and constellations. Especially awesome on the iPad (and even more so if you have an astronomer with fancy telescopes with you :)).


Coleman® Campfire Tales

Not sure I would of paid for this one, but it’s free from Coleman. And it’s always fun to have some good (scary) stories to tell around the campfire!


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