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Feb 12, 2011

On my iPad I have a folder called “AppApps” it contains applications, with the sole purpose of finding other apps.


Sorry appolicious, you do not make my number one spot. AppAdvice has a very nice application for following the latest news in the app world. Great reviews and summaries of the latest free apps and price drops.


Appolicious for iPad

But you make the number two spot. The social aspect of appolicious is what makes it a fun place to visit. I do think that the content is best served on a computer but the iPad app does add a few extra elements, which makes it worth while.


appstream for iPad

Hypnotic and a bit confusing way of browsing the app universe. But sometimes it is nice to just dive in and swim around for a while.


AppMiner (Paid Apps FREE)

I used this application a while ago, it is centered around lists and it is quite ok trying to find deals on apps. It is however a bit boring.



Not sure exactly how to use this one. In a way it is similar to appstream, there are a few different categories to choose from then apps are presented in a 3×3 grid. If one choose to look at one specific app there is the additional info and even a little graph showing how the app has been positioned in the apple app store.


Top Charts

Wanna have a quick look at the top lists of the different app stores around the world. This app does the job.



Another one of those app list apps, a nice feature is that the entries contain some further statistics like price movement in the past.


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