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Must Have Apps for Movie Buffs

Movies have captivated us for almost a century. To make the experience even more enjoyable,…

  • Adventure

Nishan Shaman – Musical & Artistic Brilliance

Nishan Shaman is a musical rhythm game that tells the story of a fabled Chinese…

  • Racing

Best Rally – Addiction Incarnate

Best Rally is a racing game, except instead of racing other people you’re racing your…

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Must Have Apps for Coupon Clippers

As prices continue to rise as a result of inflation, it is becoming increasingly important…

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The best music apps all music fanatics must have on their phone

Between Apple Music and Spotify we all have our basic music needs covered but for…

  • Card

Look, Your Loot – Rats Hunting For Treasure

Look, Your Loot is an addictive small card game reminiscent of Card Thief that keeps…

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  • Strategy

A Westworld of Our Own – Infinite West

I think we can all reasonably agree that the Square Enix GO games (Hitman GO,…

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Plan Your Summer Party with These Apps

With summer in full swing and temperatures rising it is the perfect time to plan…

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Top 5 Best Augmented Reality Games

Augmented reality has become increasingly popular over the last few years and the possibilities have…

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Best Apps for Cheap and Convenient Flights

As flight travel becomes more accessible to people around the world as a result of…

  • Puzzle

Dere Evil Exe – Contractual Frustration, Yet Fun

Dere Evil Exe is a puzzle platformer that seeks to defy your expectations and make…

  • Sports

Apps To Swing Fore

Golfing has never been a more accessible sport, you no longer need to join a…