America’s Pastime, meet America’s phone – best apps for baseball fans

Aug 2, 2016

The Fall Classic is upon us! With hundreds of baseball applications available for the iPhone, die-hard baseball fans need to distinguish All-Star apps from those better suited for the minor leagues. Thankfully, there is a multitude of apps that can turn your iPhone into a baseball nirvana.

From getting the latest baseball stats, to planning your stadium road trip, to finding a fun game to play, there are almost enough apps out there to make it excusable for you to stare at that tiny screen instead of the gigantic field in front of you. Almost.


Statistics are important in every sport, but in baseball, numbers like 56, 756 and 2,130 are spoken with almost religious tones. At Bat will allow fans to get the latest stats and scores on their iPhone, but that is not all. The app also gives you live audio of games from around the league and offers limited daily video feeds. If you subscribe to MLB.TV you can watch every game live from your phone, though blackout restrictions still apply.

If it is historical stats you are looking for, then the Baseball Statistics – 2016 Edition might be more up your alley. This free app from Bulbous Venture LLC gives you Major League player and team stats from 1871-2015 and does not require Internet access. If you find a more convenient way to settle an argument about whether George Brett or Robin Yount had more career hits, please let me know.

Enhancing your game experience

If you find yourself on the road watching your favorite team play, then Baseball Road Trip is quite the handy app to have. Not only does this free app have pictures, facts and information about every Major League stadium, it also includes places to eat and hotels in the area. A cool feature lets you to rank the stadiums in 10 different categories, allowing you to plan the ultimate baseball road trip.

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Faster Than Monkeys’ iScore Baseball Scorekeeper could best be described as a scorecard on steroids. This free app will help you keep score of any baseball or softball game whether or not you know how to keep traditional score, and it allows you to export saved games to a computer. While entering rosters can be tedious, general ease of use and a nice display make this a good app.

Baseball Superstars 2013 looks and plays a lot like a number of Nintendo baseball games, with its cartoonish graphics and basic controls. Good thing the app from Gamevil Inc. is also very fun and has tons of modes, including a season mode, mission mode and a home-run derby. Hardcore baseball sim fans will probably be disappointed – there are no real players or teams – but casual baseball fans will be impressed.

Batter up!

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