America Recycles Day

Nov 9, 2010

November 15th is America Recycles Day. Hopefully you and your community recycles all the time but if you’re needing help, have weird items to recycle or just wonder if there’s an app for that, these are the apps to help.


My favorite recycling app and the one that is actually still on my phone. Find where to recycle the weird items you know are taken somewhere…. but where? Find out where the closest place is for that item. And find out what your recycling container will take and what it won’t. Awesome app.


Gorgeously Green Survival Guide

Brand new to recycling? Want a fun app to learn? This is likely for you. Not for those who are so green they don’t need to dress up for Halloween but a great beginner app that is fun.


Pretty similar to iRecycle. Give it a try to see which app you like the best.


Recycle Me

Play a game on recycling and have some fun. A basic tilt the phone game that is fun enough to play with.


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