Alternative Remedies

Apr 27, 2011

Have an ailment? Check out these all natural apps!

AltMeds – The Alternative & Complementary Medicine Community

I looooooooooooooove this app! It has every ailment imaginable and then it recommends vitamins and dietary changes that can be made to solve the problem. It also gives you a short intro paragraph describing the cause of the ailment. Highly Recommend!


Dr. Bach Flower Remedies

Did you know that mustard is a cure for sadness without origin? While I am not exactly sure, what is supposed to be done with the flowers or how they are to be prepared because the app does not give these directions, I still love this app. Interesting. Recommend!


Massage Map 3D Free

A neat introduction to acupressure, with a few points to try out. Highly Recommend!


Hand Massage Map Free

An excellent intro to the pressure points of the hand. Highly Recommend!


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