All of the Free ABA’s

Feb 27, 2012

If you believe in applied behavioral analysis, then these apps are for you.

ABA Flash Cards – Animals

Flash Cards of Animals with the pronunciation of their names. Fun!


ABA – What Rhymes?

Pictures of images accompanied by What Rhymes with Cat and then there is a picture of a Bat, a guitar, and a chair. Choose the right answer and you will get a YAY! Choose the wrong answer and you will get TRY AGAIN!


ABA – Which Go Together?

This is an excellent compliment to which of these does not belong and a good means to introduce association. In fact, I recommend you check out all of the ABA apps. I’m sure they are fabulous on the Ipad too.


ABA Receptive by Noun

Three pictures of objects and the voice says, “Show me the Gum-ball machine.” This is my favorite on this list because it works with comprehension and vocabulary.


ABA Receptive Identification – FFC Combined

This is a really neat app. Three choices of objects appear on the screen and then it says, “Touch the one that is a healthy snack.” Choices include an apple, a popsicle and donuts. Make the right choice and there will be a cheer. Helpful.


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