All I want for Black Friday

Nov 17, 2011

Probably can be found at these stores.

IKEA Catalog

Available in English and Spanish. Not only do I love Ikea, I love apps that save paper! Enjoy!


Walmart App: Shopping, Savings Catcher, & More

Search by category, create a shopping list and find the most recent price drops. What could be better? This app is awesome. It makes an otherwise chaotic experience fun. Recommend!


Tiffany & Co. Engagement Ring Finder

This app is for the girly girl in all of us! As anti- everything as I am, there is something about Tiffany’s that I love. It’s the box and the whole dainty experience! And now it’s on my phone! Different settings, shapes, and metals! Save your favorites! Ahhhhhh, elegance!


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