Alexander’s Favorite Apps – August 2010

Aug 25, 2010

My almost 13 year old son’s favorite iOS apps for iPod Touch and iPad, as of August 2010.

Doodle Jump

“Short game to play, but different each time you play it.”


Civilization Revolution

“A game you can play for a long time. You learn about different leaders while building up a civilization through the ages.”



“Fun, comical game that can last a long time with new things coming in at different levels.”


Angry Birds

“Many levels to play, even more achievements to get.”


Jump O’Clock

“Fast playing and a new setup for each level. A lot like Doodle Jump but in its own unique way.”


The Impossible Quiz!

“Interesting questions that make you think, and question the meaning of some things.”


The Settlers

“Hard game to master, but easy to play. It is a simulation game where you build up troops, harvest minerals, and slaughter sheep.”


War Evolved

“Simulation game that takes you through caveman fighting days to future technology fighting.”


JellyCar 2

“Fun, interactive strategy game in which you play as a car and go through levels.”


The Oregon Trail

“Makes you realize the hardships and difficulties when traveling across the United States in a horse and wagon.”


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