Alex’s Bike Racing iPad Apps

Jun 19, 2010

My friend Alex is a bike racer and a geek (sorry Alex!). These are the apps he has on his iPad for bike racing.

Map My Ride+ – GPS Cycling and Route Tracking with Calorie Counting

This is a fantastic app for tracking your ride, routing your ride and sharing your ride with others. Of the apps I’ve seen for this purpose this is by far the best I’ve seen.


Bicycle Gear Calculator — Bike Gears

I’m not a track racer so I can’t tell you too much about this but figuring out your gear ratio is the purpose of this app. If you’re a racer you’ll probably know more about why you’d want this then I would!


Drug Search

Most people don’t realize just how many drugs are illegal. It’s enough that you really do need an app for that. Can you take allergy medicine? Maybe, maybe not. Best check with this app so you won’t turn up with illegal drugs in your system.


FoodScanner – Calorie, Diet, and Weight Loss

This app is fantastic. Entering in calorie information is a PAIN! This app allows you to scan a bar code and pull up the nutritional information without any fuss at all. If you’re a bike racer you know how much weight can affect your game. This app makes it easier to watch it.


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