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Jul 9, 2010

Previously in high school I played probably too many video games and spent too much time too, in college I played them whenever someone else was but was pretty busy too. After college I thought I didn’t have time to play “games” and avoided them but I have recently enjoyed iPhone Action Games I find that they help me to relax and relieve stress and they are fun so I got back into it and these are my picks!

LightBike 2

This game brings back memories of TRON the movie which I always enjoyed. I was just a kid and it was so futuristic cool truly way ahead of its time. Now a new Tron Movie is coming out I saw the preview it looks AWESOME I can hardly wait to see it with new computer graphics and effects. I used to play TRON the video game and enjoyed that too so this is a very nostaligic pick for me. Lightbike 2 is like the title says the 2nd version of the popular Lightbike 1st version which I don’t have. But this new version has amazing 3D graphics, gameplay, action and what I love best is the music and the very simple controls. Simple is good! You basically turn left and right while avoiding oncoming Lightbike Oppenents that try to also box you in with their light “trails”. Like a new version of SNAFU if you remember that classic video game! I can’t stop playing Lightbike 2 and it gets better because you can challenge and play other players from all around the World and it is a lot of fun too.



This is a new game and I just realized that I am huge Sci-Fi and Futuristic Fan. I love how they use futuristic graphics and title pages it really enhances the experience. You truly feel like you are in the far future where alien invaders have taken over Earth and you have to fight back. The controls are a little hard to learn and get used to so that will take time, some fun things is you can again play other players around the World through their server so you can play in teams but watch out because there are some real experts out there! This action game is more complicated to learn, control and play but the outstanding graphics, realistic world, cool animations, sound effects and futuristic theme made me very happy!

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Ok there seems to be a theme here: the Future and Space! Well Exo Planet is a very 3D Experience and like Archetype has a consol video game feel to it meaning well it is has very good graphics, action and more. As far as I can tell your opponent is only the computer and you try to take him out before he does the same to you. A very cool game with easy to use controls and you float or use a grappling hook with rope to travel from one area to another while avoiding and trying to eliminate your opponent. Very well done and now I am waiting for Osmo to come out I saw it on a APP Review website and it looks very relaxing and stress relieving which is why I play action games in the first place!


Angry Birds

Ok like everyone has reviewed and has fallen in love with this game. Yes it is cute, fun, puzzles to solve with action, cartoon and cute story. If you have not heard about this one or don’t have it yet, it is fun and good and #1 in the game category for good reason.



A very good action and puzzle, strategy future game where you are like some sort of robot spider on a web and there are different colored enemies on the same web so you have to change colors to match them and when you touch them they blow up but if you are the wrong color then you blow up and lose. Very surreal graphics, music, futuristic fun. Great controls and takes advantage of iPhone’s touch controls very well.

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Snow Moto Racing Lite

This is AWESOME and the best racing app game I ever played! Most racing games are annoying to control or play but Snow Moto Racing Lite which is Free is the best action, graphics, sound, control and more I really like this one a lot and rate it #1 in all racing games!


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