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Sep 1, 2009

Are you a user?  Then you’ll want the Photobucket app for your iPhone. 

The Photobucket app allows a user to browse the photos they’ve uploaded to, as well as to take a new photo and automatically upload it.

Photobucket users can click “Visit Photobucket” to access a mobile version of via the app (using this feature takes one to Safari) and choose photos in their albums to share via e-mail.  Like any app that takes its user to Safari, once finished online, one must reopen the app to continue using it.  Some people seem to really hate that.

While the full offers the ability for users to share their photos with various social-networking sites and blogs, the mobile version only provides sharing via e-mail.  Mobile users can also get urls for their chosen photo and copy/paste (provided they’ve updated their OS to 3.0 and have the copy/paste feature) them for sharing.

And while has photo-editing capabilities, the mobile version only has “rotate.”

The mobile does allow users to comment on photos and find the photos of others, so if you’re in to the social-networky functions on, you’ll still have access to these features when mobile.

Photobucket makers promise a “redesigned and more functional v2.0,” which may allow for easier sharing of photos via Facebook, MySpace, and other social-networking sites.  The url copy/paste thing is a pain.

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Viki Gonia

Viki Gonia writes a column for her local paper, teaches writing at Columbia College of Chicago, and has had her iPhone surgically attached to her hand.

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