A New Standard of Sharing Your Excitement of Live Music Performances

Nov 2, 2016

It is pretty common nowadays to post our daily affairs to share our feelings to our friends on social media but how about music live shows? It a natural emotion that you want to take and keep a video – people debate over it though- and share it to your friends when you see a great music performance with your naked eyes.

At a moment like this, VIDEO Clipper becomes a great tool for you. This application was born in Japan. In this country, there are severe restrictions of recording and taking photos of any music performances. If some fans try to upload the recorded contents to any internet media without permissions, they are usually taken down by the patrols. Therefore, there are only few people who point a camera at the stage even if it’s in a tiny music hall. However, very recently, some big artists give a go-ahead for the audiences to record their live shows as they now realized how great the promotion effect is if you spread the excitement with real visual and sound contents on social media.With this movement, VIDEO Clipper is for sharing your excitement of the live music.

What can the audience do for the artist playing a wonderful performance right before their eyes? Moving in rhythm to their music? Clapping hands? Giving a tip? Pointing a smartphone at the artist and take a video by VIDEO Clipper is another way to show their affection. Just set the event’s name, starting/ending time, a music genre and a location in this app then push the start button. It begins to broadcast. It enables users to deliver their live experiences to every viewer in the world through this application on real time. By using the functions of comment and social, the users can communicate each other and spread the broadcasting to their friends on Facebook and Twitter.

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The originality of VIDEO Clipper―the difference from other UGC live streaming services― is that as many cameras can be tied up as one content. It means all audience can become “Camera Crews” and take a video of the same live show, and the show is broadcasted with multi camera angles as many “Camera Crews”. The viewers can enjoy the show with choosing favorite angles.

With this multi angles system, you might well be able to enjoy some sights of the live show that you couldn’t see. Moreover, it is another way to use VIDEO Clipper expansively that just connect several shows that are held in far distances and broadcast them simultaneously as one content. It provides you a new way to encounter and enjoy music. The number of VIDEO Clipper users is increasing gradually as we have been encouraging the audience to download VIDEO Clipper and take a video of specified music performances that are approved by the artists or the event organizers. The goal for this application in the future is that people generate broadcastings through this app naturally from anywhere music is born and spread the excitements of live music all over the world.

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