A is for App: apps that begin with the letter A

Feb 13, 2011

we have practical lists grouped by similar interests, apps for business, fun, photos and more. today I felt like a list of randomness was in order… so here you have 10 apps I have in my library that beging with the letter A. perhaps you should pick a random letter and share those apps with us. With so many apps out there, sometimes it’s fun to find the random one you might have overlooked.


this is a silly app but still oh so fun. take a picture using your iPhone camera or from your app library and immediately make your subject look many years older. added wrinkles, age spots and dark circles under the eyes make for a realistic transition to old age.



one of my favorite practical use apps. the Alice app is of course a complement to alice.com. Alice is an online shopping site that is the ultimate place to get all your practical household items like toilet paper and trash bags. With free shipping and a great reminder system Alice’s website and the iPhone app will keep you from making one-off trips to the store for everyday items you might need. I love ordering toothpaste and trashbags from my couch!


American Airlines

if you are a traveler chances are you’ve taken at least a flight or two on AA. American Airlines’ app keeps up with your advantage miles, checks flight schedules and status, you can even book flights through the app.


Allrecipes.com Dinner Spinner Pro

can’t decide what to have for dinner? take a spin on AllRecipes’ app to help you pick. Choose by category, main ingredient or browse through your recipe box which syncs with AllRecipes.com


Amazon App: shop, browse, scan, compare, and read reviews

the Amazon app is a must have for internet shoppers. My favorite feature is the barcode scanner that reminds you to order an item! You can also view recommendations for your next purchase, buy gift cards, add items to your wishlist and see today’s Gold Box deal in the app.

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Angry Birds

no app library is complete these days without the addicting little birds that are bound to bring out a little gamer in all of us.



and of course all iPhoners should include Appolicious in their library. With so many apps available these days it’s important to see other’s input before making a purchasing decision on an app. Also, Appolicious recommends new apps to you based on your app library.



this app makes paying my iPhone bill quite convenient. While this is not the most fun thing to do, it’s certainly practical to have for AT&T users. In addition to viewing and paying your bill you can view your usage in the event you’re worried about going over your text message limit.


Audible – Audio books, original audio shows, ad-free podcasts, and more.

for those of us who like audiobooks aubible is a great resource. My entire audiobook library is available through the app, but the books are not taking up space on my phone as they would when I added them via iTunes. Audible also lets me bookmark particular parts in my audiobook.


Podcasts – AudioPress Player

another audio app, Audiopress allows you to listen to podcasts that you subscribe to and discover new ones. I like podcasts but I usually forget to get the latest episodes when I’m syncing to iTunes with this app I can get those episodes on the go!

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