A Fun Twist to Jigsaw Puzzles – PuzzleFlow

Aug 25, 2016

Puzzle games that are available on the App Store today greatly hinder players ability to express creativity in a meaningful way. Apart from games such as Minecraft and Virtual City, the vast majority of games are consumer based in the sense that players simply play in the game world as opposed to alter or manipulate it, restricting any ability to express their own creativity into the environment.

Oppositely, games that are open to player input enable the free flow of imagination to be intertwined to make it more entertaining. PuzzleFlow in particular has embraced this model of allowing players to create, share, and play jigsaw puzzles which introduces a compelling twist to classical jigsaw puzzles.

Intuitively designed by former DreamWorks Animation employees, PuzzleFlow enables up to 4 players to engage in either competitive or cooperative gameplay amongst each other. Multiplayer mode, which makes gameplay substantially more interactive, is emphasized in the game and significantly distinguishes it from competing puzzle games. Regardless of the device, be it a tablet or phone, PuzzleFlow’s Battle Mode combines the competitive nature of battling friends with the seamless nature of social interactions made possible with voice chat. Historically, the classical jigsaw puzzle is often regarded as boring but the battling component makes it highly entertaining as players race to finish their respective puzzle while simultaneously sending attacks to the board of their opponents to slow them down. Countermeasures can then be applied to block or reverse these attacks such as Shield or Reflect. The competitive nature of the gameplay makes it more than simply a leisurely pastime, but rather a race coupled with an array of over 20 powerups. Further encouraging this competitiveness, the most skilled players can play in a handicapped match where they face two opponents or even three at once.

The gameplay itself is beautifully designed with various themes that are created to attract a wide demographic of players from children to adults alike. Examples of these themes include Magic Lands, Fairy Tales, and even a setting for kids which simplifies controls for younger children. With the ability to create custom puzzles that are stored on the cloud, many of these user-generated puzzles can be accessed at any time and even by friends when offline. With its adaptive difficulty, PuzzleFlow is tailored for an individual experience as skilled players can experience more difficult levels while novices can opt for easier puzzles with puzzles ranging up to 1000 pieces for the most proficient players.

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The flooding of generic puzzle games makes it difficult for players to find one that stands out from the crowd, something that PuzzleFlow has been able to achieve with its multiplayer feature. While all aspects of the game can be tried for free, the paid version houses up to 1000 levels. In-app-purchases further offer puzzle collections that are professionally designed for endless hours of gameplay. Perfect for those who are tired of the mundane style of classical puzzles, PuzzleFlow offers a friendly alternative which utilizes multiplayer mode to significantly increase excitement and interactiveness.

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