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The Twitterverse, like usual, had a lot to say about the iPad 2 announcement. First of all, there was relief and joy to see the man himself, Steve Jobs, on stage. The new version of iMovie caused mass drooling as did GarageBand. The HDMI out is an awesome new feature for product demos or showing off apps.  The thinner, lighter iPad? Magical.

Scobleizer:”Steve Jobs is on stage! Standing O from everyone.”

“Randy Ubillos, chief architect, video apps is on stage. New version of iMovie takes advantage of big screen. I’m gonna play with this A LOT.”

chrisorourke: “ok imovie for ios is amazing, multitrack audio? On a tablet? Want NOW!”

cocoalabs: “The HDMI out is going to be awesome for product demos or showing off app to a large group!”

peretti: “Steve Jobs is WINNING”

cnntech: “Jobs on the iPad: ‘People laughed at us for using the word magical. But you know what? It’s turned out to be magical.'”

Scobleizer: “Apple is repeating what I’ve been saying for months. Apps are all that matters and competitors are way behind.”

Gartenberg: “65,000 native iPad apps. vs. 16 on Xoom. Ok then”

Danielpunkass: “Before today, iPad 2 + GarageBand would have easily sold for $1500 at Guitar Center.”

plinske: “Steve Jobs is my alcohol and drugs all rolled into one!!!”