9 Apps for Starting a Business from @sydneyowen

Mar 30, 2011

I could not be more excited for my friend Sydney who has just left the cubicle world to start her own business! People are always looking for business app recommendations. There are so many to pick from how do you know which to use? Here are the 9 apps Sydney will be using for 3Ring Media.

MiniBooks Lite for FreshBooks

I think there’s a movie that says “in a small business you live and you die by the book”. Invoicing is one of those things that’s never fun but being paid is, SO Freshbooks make this process so easy!


Tungle – Calendar sharing & scheduling

If you do any type of appointment scheduling you will want to use Tungle and their web-based version Tungle.Me. With Tungle you fill in your schedule/calendar and others can schedule themselves into your free time slots. This saves all the back and forth emails of “how about Tuesday at 4” “oh can’t how about Wednesday at 2”. This is so easy to use and it integrates with Google Calendar. double win!


Evernote – capture notes and sync across all devices. Stay organized.

As an entrepreneur you never know when an idea will strick. Save yourself from random napkins with scribbles by using Evernote on all your devices. Or if you really like scribbling on napkins save a photo of the scribbled napkin in your Evernote account and tag it with the correct project/client/idea for later use. You can add voice, photo and text notes into Evernote.


Mint: Money Manager, Budget & Personal Finance

Categorize your business expenses while waiting in the lobby for a new client to make tax time easier. Mint.com allows you to view a big picture and a detailed break down of your spending in multiple accounts.

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have access to all of your important files on the go. Dropbox is a virtual storage for anything and everything you decide needs to be stored.


CamScanner Free| PDF Document Scanner and OCR

option a)dinosaur age huge glass top scanner. option b)use iPhone camera as a scanner. You decide. Seriously, though. The quality of the cameras have improved so much that a scanner app may very well be able to replace an actual scanner for you. I’d still recommend a “for real” scanner if you are an illustrator and need to scan in your artwork. But for day to day papers, forms, notes this app will work just fine.


Google Voice

With Google Voice you can have one phone number (an “office line”) and decide where it will ring. Perhaps M-F the Google Voice number will ring to a landline in an office and on weekend it will direct to your iPhone. Or if you are like me, and have no landline Google Voice provides you with powerful business tools – like blocking a certain number, setting different outgoing messages, etc.



Tumblr is a simple yet diverse blogging platform. One of the uniqueness about Tumblr is that you can style your blog posts to look different based on the type of post that it is. The Tumblr post types are: text, photo, quote, link, chat, audio & video. Posting any/all of these from the app is pretty straight forward.

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Google app — Search made just for mobile

In starting a business there will inevitably be questions you don’t know the answer to (“do I need this form or this form for taxes”), fortunately our trusty friend Google has the answer!


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