6 Best Recipe Apps

Sep 23, 2011

Babble.com recently published an article with the 50 Best Food Apps for Moms. While I’m sure moms can definitely benefit from these apps, other foodies will find them just as useful. This list pulls out the recipe-finder apps from this bigger list, and these are my favorites.

Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List

This app includes SO MANY RECIPES. There are over 30,000 recipes for both food and drink, and they’re soured from chefs, cookbooks, magazines, and related foodie resources. Another bonus is the way the recipes are categorized – by skill level and theme, including one category called “I Can Barely Cook” for kitchen novices (or pros who just want something super simple).

Of course, you can also search by ingredients, courses, and any dietary limitations you and your guests/family might have.


Paprika Recipe Manager – Get your recipes organized!

Create your own cookbook by either manually entering your favorite recipes or use the search function to find and add new ones from the web. All those index cards you’ve saved over the years? Yeah, those are allll going in here.


Allrecipes.co.uk Dinner Spinner – Recipes anytime!


Gluten Free Recipes


Spingredients – Cooking & Recipe Inspiration

Start with a staple that you want to build your meal around, and then watch as creative recipes show up at your fingertips. This is a GREAT app for people who want to eat locally and seasonally but just don’t know what to do with all that kohlrabi.


Whole Foods Market


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