6 Apps to Remote Control Everything In Your Life

Jul 19, 2011

Sure, your trusty iPhone is a phone and sure, it’s a gaming device, and SURE, it’s an email ninja – but that’s all just pushing pixels inside the box, isn’t it? Don’t you want to see your phone do all that AND show some real power, say, over something ELSE? Of course you do – and you’re in luck!


Let’s start with the basics: this little app is free, and lets you control something you already have – iTunes. And, like most Apple products, it just works.


Keynote Remote

Want to get a little more adventurous? Why not drop the clicker and just carry your phone on stage? Yes, you can have your next moment in the limelight not with an overgown laser pointer, but your iPhone.


Boxee Remote

Now let’s control some other devices. Whether you have a Boxee Box or the media center software installed on your computer, this remote instantly connects via WiFi to any instance on the same network without any setup or passwords. Plus, the gesture mode is an absolute joy and really fun to play with – I find myself changing shows just to use it!


HippoRemote LITE ~ Wireless Keyboard, Mouse & Remote Control

And when it comes to remote controlling a computer, this is the best app out there. With Hippo Remote your phone becomes both trackpad and keyboard, and even though the LITE version comes with ads, they’re no imposition. Yes, you will have to set up their client software on the computer to be controlled, but it stores the connection settings once you’ve got it configured. Really easy to operate and use once you’ve got it set up.



If you REALLY want to get serious about remote controlling a computer, this is the way to go. LogMeIn is a trusted name in remote client access, and works extremely well. They do have a free license you can use with your computer – just install their client and you’re good to go. This app is quite pricey, but there’s no easier solution for complete remote desktop access.

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Evoz Baby

Remote control… your baby?? Well maybe not, but this app frees you from the cord of the cordless baby monitor. Rather than lugging a remote unit around the house with you, just put one iOS device in the room running the app and login with another – the connection happens easily and smoothly. From there, you can check in on your little tyke from anywhere in the world and hear that they’re sleeping soundly. Plus, the app keeps track of your baby’s sleep patterns and can give you some good data indicating their natural sleep patterns – and ANYTHING that helps a baby get to sleep easier is great in my book!


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