6 Apps to Capture the First Day of School

Aug 18, 2011

Summer’s still red-hot, but it’s time is short, because school is coming up and soon the kids will be back in class once again. I know my kids seem to grow by leaps and bounds, so we document every First Day of School as much as we can. When you’re wrestling kids and bags and early mornings, its easy to forget your camera, so pull out your iPhone and don’t miss the moment with these great apps.


The classic, the one, the only. Probably the best app for making new photos look nostalgic, instantly.



This free camera app takes the standard iPhone camera much further with GREAT features like always-available zoom, self timer, time lapse, anti-shake, composure grid, and many many more. Could easily become your default camera app.


360 Panorama

Great app for capturing the kid’s room and sending it off to the Grandparents or other loved ones. Just stand roughly in the middle and spin – panoramas are shared through their site, 360.io, on an iPhone-compatible player.



Aside from being one of the coolest apps I’ve seen for the iPhone camera, PhotoSynth is a great way to capture a space like you’re really there. More than just a panorama, PhotoSynth lets you capture any set of photos, and it automatically orients them using the iPhone’s accelerometers. You can send the photos to others that have the app or “replay” them from your phone – just open the synth and your phone becomes a window to that space, showing you the view as you move your phone around.



Great app for another nostalgic look on photos, and a neat UI designed to look like an actual plastic camera. The looks aren’t as diverse on this as Instagram, but it gets that one style just right.



GLMPS is a new way of thinking about capturing a moment, combining still photos with video. Once you have the app up and running, it’s capturing video the whole time; every time you snap a still, it attaches the previous 5 seconds of video to that still, creating a “glmps.” (Reads like “glimpse.”) Since so many photos are just part of a video moment, it’s a great way to get the best of both worlds.

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