6 Apps Guaranteed to Keep a Preschooler Distracted

Jun 8, 2011

The iPhone is a form of parenting judo – channeling the energy and curiosity of the preschooler into games and toys that can actually be educational while distracting. Here’s a few of my favorites guaranteed to give me at least a few seconds of calm!

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

Really educational for the kids, perfectly geared for your preschooler. Games include lots of rewards to keep them plugged in and engaged.


Sprout Player

Sprout is the best preschooler TV network, and their player app includes content you may not find on Hulu or Netflix


World of Goo HD

Easy to understand but great for building spatial awareness, basic engineering concepts and geometry.



Gotta get your Dora and Diego from somewhere.


Smoody HD

Easy concept but great puzzle game for little fingers.


Angry Birds Rio HD

The original Angry Birds works too, but something about setting birds free really resonates with a preschooler.


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