5 LIFE-SAVING Apps for Your Next Business Meeting

Aug 26, 2011

There’s nothing worse than sitting in a business meeting and suddenly feeling unprepared. The ‘unexpected’ can strike at any time. Fortunately for us business-people, there are some LIFESAVING apps which can mean the difference between you looking unprepared, and you looking like you’re on top of your game.


Imagine sitting in a meeting and suddenly you’re faced with a basic math problem. You should be able to do it in your head, but if you make a mistake — you’re really going to look like an idiot. Fortunately you have your iPad, and RetroCalc is easily the most polished and professional calculator app on the App Store. This downright ‘sexy’ looking calculator app is one you’ll be proud to keep in front of you on the table.


Awesome Note 2 for iPad (Tasks/Calendar/To-do List/Journal)

Awesome Note is one of those apps that has it all. A calendar, a notebook, a data file, etc. You’ll never be without your essential documents, your schedule and your to-do list if you’ve got Awesome Note with you. On top of that, Awesome Note is a very polished looking, easy-to-use app. Just the sort of app you’ll be proud to sport at your next business meeting.


Meeting Pad

Meeting Pad is an app like no other. It’s jam packed full of features that will make any meeting a breeze: Record audio, manage to-do lists, set up a seating plan so you can remember who’s who, email meeting notes to other attendees, and more. Meeting Pad is also a very polished, well-designed app. If you’re regularly meeting with larger groups — this app will help you stay in full control.


Grafio Lite for iPhone

Visualizing information is an essential part of today’s business planning. iDesk is an extremely easy to use tool for drawing diagrams, making org-charts and even making presentations. iDesk even supports VGA out, so you can use your charts as slick-looking presentations, not just personal notes. iDesk is one of those powerful apps that actually lets you get work done on your iPad or iPhone.

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Talking Points is a great app if you’re making a presentation in front of a large group. This simple little app lets you keep your talking points organized and within reach at all times. It looks much better than holding a wrinkled piece of paper covered in chicken-scratch.


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