5 INCREDIBLE Back to School Apps that are FREE!!!

Aug 31, 2011

School is expensive enough as it is. Adding a list of expensive apps to the list of everything else you need is the last thing you need to do right now. Fortunately, there are some INCREDIBLE apps out there that won’t cost you anything to bring to school with you.

RetroCalc Free!

No iPad is complete without a calculator. And yours didn’t come with one, so there’s no reason to not download RetroCalc FREE right now. It’s easily the best-looking calculator on the App Store, and it’s one of the few Free calculators that doesn’t have any annoying advertising or ‘nag’ screens. RetroCalc is a perfect calculator for students. And with crisp HD graphics, it’s a pleasure to use.


Flashcards+ by Chegg — FREE Custom Flashcard Maker

Everybody hates to memorize. It’s one of those painful necessities of education. Fortunately, there are programs out there like Flashcards+ which make memorization so much easier. You’ll be able to use easy finger movements to swap cards, and you can even download flash cards made by other students from Quizlet.com. And did I mention that this app is completely free?


Dictionary.com Dictionary & Thesaurus

A dictionary and a thesaurus are essential references for every student. If you don’t download an app, you know you’re going to end up buying them both at a bookstore — so you might as well download the app. The app version from Dictionary.com features awesome extras like a special “word of the day”, and voice recognition technology so you can “speak” your words instead of giving your fingers a workout.


Simplepedia for iPad — Simple Wikipedia Reader

Wikipedia just might be the greatest tool for learning and study ever developed. Simplepedia is an excellent “reader” for the Wikipedia.org website, with full filing and bookmarking capabilities. It even lets you take entire sections, including images with you on-the-go.

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Evernote – capture notes and sync across all devices. Stay organized.

Evernote is the grand-daddy of note taking apps. If you’ve ever lost a notebook — you’ll understand why Evernote is so important. Everything you write in your Evernote app, gets uploaded to your online account in “the cloud” where it’s safe and sound forever. Yes, losing your iPad would still be pretty awful — but at least you won’t lose your entire semester along with it.


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