5 Earth Friendly Apps

Jul 10, 2010

Handful of applications that have helped me be more green.


Great application to help you find local recycling centers. Also has a feed of current recycling news/updates and local recycling or disposal events. Events will be more useful as more people use.

(Because you know your batteries and lightbulbs shouldn’t actually go in the trash!)



You can browse, search, or scan (how cool is that!) items to find out how “good” they are for the environment. Just scanned my Starbucks sandwich – scored a 6.4 out of 10, based on both social and environmental considerations.



It’s like a green version of Yelp! Search by Industry, Type or Distance (including biking, walking, driving) to find good local consumer choices.



One of the first steps to being more green, is education/awareness. Treehugger is a great resource for staying current and informed on what is going on in environmental news.


Seafood Watch

Awesome application from Monterey Bay Aquarium on recommendations and information on local fish – so you can make more sustainable + healthier choices. Especially relevant considering the recent Gulf spill.


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