5 business apps for iOS4 list

Jun 28, 2010

I’m always on the road and with my new iPhone 4. Since I do travel alot I need the best apps to keep me up to date when I’m not in the office, After a few different apps, There are by far the best business apps that work with iOS4

Docs To Go Premium

Best Doc reader by far. Now even more p


OmniFocus for iPhone

Don’t let the price scare you, This app is brilliant! And keeps all my task and projects up to date.


NPR News

Great for travel, or when not by a radio.



One of the best iOS4 apps by far, Truly magical syncing ability.


Truphone – Free calls & messages, local or international

iPhone OS4 compatible, Truphone now runs in the background and allows calls while multitasking.


WorldCard Mobile – business card reader & business card scanner

I have always been a HUGE FAN WorldCard Mobile App. Since their new update for iOS4 Here are some features that I have found that the others don’t have. Automatic Camera Shake Reduction- To capture an image without losing the focus. A similar feature found on digital camera Email Signature Capture – To copy electronic signature and add it to your iPhone contact lists Improvement of Recognition Accuracy – Also: WorldCard Mobile and Contacts are the only business card reader app working with iOS4 so far. Buisness Card Reader, Cardreader, Camcard all fail to support iOS4.


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