5 Apps to Countdown the Holidays

Dec 3, 2017

It’s December so that means it’s almost that magical time of year again – Christmas! Now, you could go out and buy an advent calendar because who doesn’t love a small piece of chocolate every day for an over inflated price? Or you could use your phone to help you countdown to Christmas for free. If that wasn’t enough, some of these apps can even be used year round to help you count down to other important life events such as birthdays and vacations.

Below are just some of the apps that can help you get into the festive season:

Christmas Countdown! (iOS)

Christmas Countdown is a fun app that offers the user the choice of how they would like to count down to Christmas Day, this includes the number of sleeps left until Santa drops by, as well as a more detailed countdown showing everything from the number of to the number of seconds left. There is an interesting number of heartbeats left until Christmas Day option for those whose heartbeat probably won’t slow down until December 26th.

If all of these different options weren’t enough the app also allows you to choose from six festive characters to keep you company while counting down the days.

Christmas Countdown 2017 (iOS, Android)

Christmas Countdown 2017 goes one further than just offering users the ability to track how many seconds, minutes and hours there are left until it’s officially Christmas and feels much more like a traditional advent calendar. Every day when you open up the app you will be presented with a small gift, these include wallpapers that you can use to give your phone that extra Christmas feel because decorating your house is just far too difficult. If a gift every day is not enough to keep you coming to check how many seconds are left until you can eat your weight in turkey, the app includes falling snow and Christmas music to help put you in the festive mood from the very beginning of December.

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25 Days of Christmas 2017 (iOS, Android)

Who said you had to wait until Christmas Day to open all of your presents? Not the makers of the 25 Days of Christmas, that’s for sure. This app is the complete advent calendar experience plus more all in the palm of your hand. When you first open the app you are presented with a snowy village landscape complete with animations and jingle bells and just like the chocolate advent calendar you had as a child there are 25 doors to be found and opened.

While you won’t find a piece of chocolate behind each door you will find a new app for you to download to help put you in the festive spirt. The app also includes a Christmas themed mini game every day varying from snow ball fights with elves to decorating your virtual Christmas tree.

My Day (iOS, Android)

If you’re someone who want to countdown the days until Christmas but doesn’t want to feel like they’re living in the North Pole for the entirety of December, then a much simpler app like My Day is perfect. My Day lets you set up countdowns for literally anything and personalize each one with a unique background. The simple design of this app allows you to keep track of all of the important events you’ve been looking forward to from Christmas to your best friend’s party. The app also includes notifications just to make sure you never have an excuse for missing an event again.

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Countdown Widget for Home screen (Android)

If you own an Android device and have the ability to experience widgets in the way they are meant to be, you will want to check out Countdown Widgets. This app has all of the features of a normal countdown app allowing you to add multiple events and set reminders but also the ability to add each countdown to your home screen in the form of customisable widgets. These widgets are offered in four different sizes so they blend seamlessly with the rest of your home screen and can be customised using different designs and stickers. You can even use the Christmas stickers offered to create you’re very own personalised Christmas countdown.

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