5 Apps for the Last Minute Gift Giver

Dec 21, 2011

If you’re like me, early Christmas shopping isn’t exactly your strong suit. And if you’re in that boat this week, have no fear! There are plenty of apps available on your super phone to help you get this gifts all done. Here’s just a few to make your last-minute shopping a little easier.

Wunderlist: To-Do List & Tasks

First things first – let’s get your list together of who to buy, and what to gat them. Wunderlist is one of those apps the gives you everything you think you should pay for for free: syncing with your desktop, beautiful backgrounds, even free iPhone and iPad versions.


Amazon Deal Search

Oh Amazon, is there any other first step for the shopper? This app gets you the deals you need from the largest retailer in the world.


Price Barcode Scan – Kakaku.com Item Search by Barcode

Scan any barcode, get prices on any product – must have when you’re on the hunt.


Shop Savvy

This barcode scanner from Shop Savvy gets even more detailed with its listings, and gives you related products to boot.


UPS Mobile

If you’re shopping at the last minute, shipping is going to be important. Get all your packages traveling safe and sound, all from your mobile.


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