4 Great iPhone Apps for Women

Aug 17, 2010

Chicks are a huge player in the tech game now, and these apps are must-haves for the geeky girl

Grocery Gadget Shopping List

Not just a grocery list-maker, this has some great organizational features like being able to arrange your list in an order that makes sense for you. I tend to make my list in the order I shop – others group by their at-home set-up. Either way works!



Because I walk – A LOT, whether I’m “commuting,” on lunch break, walking to or from the gym or yoga studio, and when I travel (my feet are STILL bruised from a NYC trip earlier this month!). With this app, I can easily keep track of steps walked and ground covered. Even better? Goal-setting and tracking.


Period Tracker Deluxe

Yeah, I went there. Because we should know these things about our bodies, this app has a nifty little calendar that helps track your cycle and allows for some note-taking if you want to remember what you did to kill those cramps that one day. Hint: working out always works for me. So does avoiding caffeine.


CHANEL – Ready-to-Wear Spring-Summer 2011

Because we women like more than grocery shopping (ok, I LOVE grocery shopping, not all ladies do) and tracking our monthly cycles… this app is GREAT for the fashion-forward lady. Peep this for the latest Chanel fashion show.


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