4 Great Apps for When You Forget Business Cards

Sep 23, 2011

Even though we’ve moved to the “paperless” era, there’s still some hangers-on, like the simple business card. But even if you forget your hard copies, have no fear! There’s plenty of apps out there to help you swap contact info with others, and here’s 4 of the best of the pack.


Bump is pretty much the original in this space, and one of the most reliable. As long as you and your new friend have this free app up and running, you can tap phones to share contact info, photos, apps and many other things wirelessly and instantly.


Hashable Mobile

Hashable bills themselves as kind of a “personal CRM for social media.” Basically if the other person has a Twitter account you can “check in” with them and create a connection. Once you’re connected you can share contact information at any time, and the app keeps track of when/how you connected.



With over 100 million users, there’s a good chance the person you’re talking to has a profile on LinkedIn, so why not connect with them right when you meet? LinkedIn lets you send an invite from mobile to anyone you find via search, so you won’t even need their email address.



CardFlick is a lot like Bump – if both you and your friend have the app open, you just flick your card in their direction, and it will automagically land on their phone. The difference here is the cards themselves – CardFlick has gone a long way to making them actually look BEAUTIFUL. There’s plenty of themes you can choose from, and a great design is always a good first impression.


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