4 Fun & Random Apps You Might Not Have Heard Of

May 19, 2011

My favorite part of the app world, are the number of off the wall things you can make your iPhone or iPod touch do, that you might not have even thought of.

Crackle – Movies & TV

Launched just a few weeks ago, Crackle was the #1 Free Entertainment app on iTunes with over one million downloads in the first week. The only downside is there are a lot of ads, but this is understandable in a free app. But it let’s you watch movies for free, the movies are high def and good quality. A pretty good variety of shows and movies.



make your friends and family family. Borrow their photos off facebook or take pictures with your device’s camera. Guaranteed to make at least a few people laugh.


Phone Tracker

Phone Tracker actually works so you can find any number you look up. So you don’t have to buy those expensive phone trackers from your phone company. Great app over all. Ok, now that you are sufficiently freaked out I should divulge the developer’s secret “The application will scan the world with a radar animation, and pinpoint his exact position (which is actually the GPS location of your iPhone!) on the map. The icon marker will show his phone number and address”. So really this only works as a silly app to freak out your friends. Amusing none-the-less.



it shows you the most popular games out at the time. Release dates of future games and sorts by category. Great free app if you’re a gamer.


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