4 Free Art Apps for the Kiddos

Sep 23, 2011

These apps are really best for the toddler/preschooler set, but are colorful enough for any infants in your family too. Nothing like giving them a creative outlet when crayons and paper aren’t available!

Paint Sparkles Draw – My First Coloring Book HD!

This app makes painting fun and ultra-colorful with sparkly “fireworks” as you color. Really great for the younger kids because of all the extra stimulation.


Glow Coloring

Ever had a whiteboard that was black? You know, the ones you draw on with the neon dry erase markers? This one’s like that – you color on a black screen instead of a white one. There’s TONS of brushes and colors to pick from, so it’s really easy to get creative.


My Coloring Book Free

Instead of drawing freehand, this one’s much more about filling in areas with color – kind of like paint by numbers. Pick from tons of coloring “pages” and just tap an open area to fill with the color you’ve selected. My son loves filling everything in with black to “hide” the picture!


Rio The Movie, Coloring with Blu

If you haven’t seen Rio yet, I really recommend it – great movie for the kids. And after they’ve watched it until the disc is fried, turn them loose on this great free coloring app! Extra credit here because it’s a free app with actual movie characters.


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