4 Apps to Replace Your Default Camera

Aug 29, 2011

The good ol’ Camera app that comes with your iPhone is fine, but despite it coming from the almighty Apple, it has its drawbacks. There’s a plethora of photo apps on the App Store, but only a few you would actually use for your daily camera – here’s my top 4 I’m trying out.


The original, the one, the only. This is probably the #2 camera app in the world, behind the one that came with the iPhone in the first place.



Take all the features you wanted in the Camera app in the first place, and add them in while keeping the most of the minimalist interface.



The updated and leaner version of Gorillacam – this one takes many of those favorite features and packs them in an even tighter package.



For me, this app gives you the best of both worlds – the smooth ease of a good camera app with the best of a boatload of filters.



BONUS APP! Why take a measly picture when you can gather a whole panorama – this one does it quick, easy and makes sharing a breeze.


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