4 Addictive “Edu-tainment” Apps

Jun 18, 2011

What’s in a good game? Sure, it’s got to be fun, but what if it helped you learn at the same time? A game for your boredom AND for your brain – a perfect combination!

7 Little Words

Perfect for crossword lovers, this fiendishly simple app asks you to solve just 7 little words, by giving you 2-4 letter “blocks” to assemble. Puzzles come in levels, much like Angry Birds.


Whirly Word

How many words can you make with 6 letters? You might be amazed! This app dares you to do just that, with the letters in a fun selection wheel. Getting stumped? “Whirl” the wheel to rearrange the letters and find new combinations.


Hanging With Friends

It’s a new twist on the grade-school game of Hangman, adding new challenges and new ways to compete with your friends. Strategy really comes through here not just in solving the words, but also choosing a word your opponent won’t solve.


Words With Friends Pro

The ultimate word game app, doing Scrabble better than Scrabble. Become a wizard at words, and if you’re really competitive, Googling for words!


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