3 Must Have Apps that Could Save a Life

Sep 12, 2011

I highly recommend downloading these apps, practicing, and keeping them on your phone in case of emergency. Just do it. These three apps could save a life.

Jr. Animated Atlas Complete (All 6 Topics)

Awesome 3D Models of the nervous system, respiratory system and reproductive system. The descriptions are precise and concise. Highly Recommend!


Hands-Only CPR

This app is an excellent introduction to CPR. It features instructions and a video specifically addressing what to do if an adult collapses. Recommend!



This app is a step by step guide to CPR. It helps you time and measure the depth of your compressions and instructs you when to give two breaths. It also gives you the option to purchase a short CPR training course and allows you to configure emergency calls. It will even record the CPR you have performed and email the recorded data. I couldn’t be more impressed. Highly Recommend!


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